Tuesday, February 15, 2011

North Queensland is open for business post Yasi!

After experiencing one of the worst cyclones (Yasi) to ever hit Australia, North Queensland needs our help now more than ever! How? With your tourism of course!

Why would you go to a destination that has been devastated, you ask. Simply because apart from the very few unlucky towns and islands that did sustain damage, for the most part, North Queensland is still an ideal holiday destination with places north of Innisfail completely untouched by Yasi.

Tourism operators, hotels and resorts in such areas as Cairns, Port Douglas, Daintree and further north are all experiencing a mass of cancellations - this is happening even in places as far south as The Whitsundays - and many companies will be pushed to the limit.

So come on Australia; you've been told! Don't run off overseas for your next holiday. Get your bum to North Queensland - and see that Queensland is still the place where Australia shines! (image: Tourism Queensland)

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