Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romance amongst a dramatic lunar landscape - Cappadocia, Turkey

The tourist region that is today known as Cappadocia in Turkey consists of Aksaray's Ihlara Valley, the Göreme National Park and underground cities in Nevşehir and the Soğanlı Valley in Kayseri. This is a place of incredible and astonishing beauty - a dramatic landscape of lava hewn crags and cliffs in which caves can be found, earning it the local nickname of 'the Fairy Chimneys'. Humans have used the fairy chimneys as dwellings throughout history, carving them into homes and places of worship that still bear the traces of thousands of years of civilization. And now it is also the dwelling place of tourists and travellers who come here to revel in the natural mystique and history, and the spas and superb cave hotels. 

Like the Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa, nestled among the rock carved dwellings of Uchisar on the top of the Cappadocia. The hotel offers breathtaking panoramic view over the magical lunar landscape and provides a restful base from which to explore the region. It also has some of the only therapuetic cave spa therapy rooms. Imagine sleeping in thousands of years old caves, in charming rock cut rooms that bring the old settlement and village alive in the modern age. Share quiet talks and slow strolls under the changing colors of the Cappadocian landscape, join in the sunrise hot-air ballooning that is so popular in this region, and take time to appreciate the splendor of Fairy Chimney formations and historical sights which made Cappadocia a true wonder of our world. 

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