Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jura Lodge, Scotland

Diurach - it's the Gaelic word for the people of Jura, Scotland. They are the proud caretakers of their land and their whisky, and they're also happy to take care of you if you want to stay at their lodge and become an honorary local for a short stay. In  this community of less than 200, there will always be a place reserved for kindred spirits at the local pub. With a dram of their beloved malt in hand, you'll toast to good health (and to the bonus of being entitled to a free dram of the good stuff every month for life after your stay should you make the pilgrimage back again). 
The Jura distillery is over 200 years old, and it's found on an island that is only 7 miles wide and 30 miles long, with but one road, and one hotel. Mind you, that hotel is not too shabby! 
Jura Lodge is eccentric and stylish and has all the comforts of a loving home. The lodge is available for private rental at certain times of the year, and yes it's expensive (2,500 pound per night for a minimum three night stay). But this is a unique place, and a stay here is worth every penny for the unique memories. Fishing, fell walking, lobster eating, sailing and whisky drinking are the order of the day here. And the landscape of Jura is nothing short of breathtaking - the epitome of Scottish splendour. And suitable awkward to reach ... the journey from London alone involves two flights and a boat trip. And as the Diurachs say, a great deal of patience! 

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