Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romance and adventure on the Caribbean sea

Having been personally blessed to have traveled aboard a Star Clippers cruise along the Italian coastline a few years back, this writer can attest to just how amazing the experience can be. Sailing the high seas aboard one of these majestic ships is truly stunning, watching those sails hoist up each day, sipping champagne on deck as the sun sets, the ocean stretching out before you ... it's exquisite with grandeur, luxury and elegance.

So take that picture and put yourself in it ... in the southern Caribbean! Star Clippers is running an incredible 14-night sailing cruise aboard the luxury clipper Star Flyer along the northern coast of South America, calling at a string of exotic islands and ports along the way. Scheduled to depart from Bridgetown, Barbados on November 6th this year after a 29-night respositioning cruise from Cannes, the Caribbean itinerary will take in the islands of Margarita, with their stunning white sand beaches, and Blanquilla, home of the renowned "Venezuelan Wall", a 300 metre drop-off of coral and sea life. You'll pass through the scuba diving meccas of the Lesser Antilles - Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba, call at the tropical city of Cartegena in Columbia, and culminate the journey with a crossing of the Panama Canal. 

The 14-night cruise costs from $6210 including all meals and entertainment on board, port charges and gratitudes. For reservations contact your travel agent or Star Clippers on 1300 362 599. 

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