Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garagistes, Hobart

Tempting as it may be to slot Garagistes in to the category of 'wine bar', it's so much more than that. Because the food matters just as much as what you drink here. This fantastic setting in Hobart is where to come for a daily menu of dishes using seasonally grown and foraged local ingredients, all designed to complement the extensive international list of natural wines on offer. Drop in for a glass and a tasters selection of snacks, or settle in for a long and languid evening where the food is served in a communal dining atmosphere, and washed down in the company of contemporary gourmands. 

Garagistes are very much hands on when it comes to their produce, with their very own vegetable garden and a team that do a lot of the baking, smoking, curing and pickling of their delicacies in house. The dishes here are designed to be shared. And when Sunday rolls around, it's all about feasting, with a relaxed four course set menu of individual dishes (reservations essential). Garagistes would be the ideal stop on a day spent enjoying the delights of Hobart, a city known for its culinary prowess and superb restaurant gems. And with that wine list, you may want to settle in together and take your time.

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