Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VIVID lights up Sydney

Sydney comes alive in spectacular fashion during the annual Vivid festival, and it's about to start! From May 27th until June 13th the heart of Sydney is - more so than usual - a hub for all things creative in the Asia Pacific region. The festival is on a scale that defies the imagination, and it literally lights up the whole place with an energy that is unparalleled and unpredictable. Wander the streets, and you never know what delights you might come across.  

Local and international acts come out to play as the sun goes down, with a daily line up of incredible events taking place at some of the city's greatest landmarks. There's light sculptures and displays, including the spectacular Lighting the Sails at the Sydney Opera House, and flames leap high in to the night sky at the incredible 'FireDance' performance at Campbells Cove (think 40 jets of flame higher than a three-story house!). Industry heads and creative identities converge to meet and discuss innovative ideas at forward thinking, future forums. There's also a free art installation in the Western Foyers at the Opera House by film maker Tom Kuntz, and a pop-up bar called The Sony Lounge where anyone who's anyone will be in residence to watch Dj sets and bask in the honeyed light of being and feeling really rather cool. Because that's exactly where it's at.

And the line up of live music acts at Vivid Live is nothing short of heart racing! 2manydjs, Architecture in Helsinki, Cut Copy, Bag Raiders, it goes on and on. Bat for Lashes, in her Australian live debut, will be doing an intimate concert at the Opera House - sigh! - making my heart swoon ... 

You can see the full list of happenings and events at the Vivid website. If you're in Sydney, lucky you - you won't be able to miss it. If you're not, may we suggest you book that plane ticket. If ever there is a time to be in town, it's when it's VIVID! 

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