Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yogic Dreaming

Yoga has been a cornerstone of my life for the past five years and, frankly, without my regular practice, I'm a little bit lost in the world. So when I was shown a copy of Great Yoga Retreats, published by the good folk at Taschen (my favourite series of specialty tomes!), I couldn't help but start planning my next yoga escape. 

Great Yoga Retreats travels across the globe - from India and Bhutan to Tuscany and Mexico, and all the hidden gems found in between - to show us some of the most amazing specialty resorts, retreats and holidays that cater to the modern yogi. These are places where you can totally immerse yourself in your preferred practice, meditate on beauty, quiet, peace, and completely escape the world for a little slice of tranquillity. Albeit in a little bit of luxury! 

Speaking from personal experience, I've done a lot of yoga retreats in my time. Some have been in five star locales where you are, quite literally, pampered from crown to toe (even whilst balancing on them!). Others have been more simple affairs in rustic huts and on a shala built in to the jungle. All of them have been equally special,  and given me equal soul nourishment in their own unique ways. 

But the collection of yoga retreats in this book are nothing short of stunning. I'm already imagining the bliss of doing Sun Salutations in such exotic surroundings. It may not make the yoga any easier. But if you're blessed enough to experience a stay in one of these places, it sure could give one the space to breathe deeper in to it!

You can find this and other Taschen books in most good bookstores and specialty retailers, or purchase them online from the Taschen website which has the full catalogue of titles. 

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