Sunday, July 10, 2011

Evason Ma'In Hot Springs, Jordan

The stunning location of Evason Ma'in Hot Springs, in the dramatic terrain of the Ma'in Valley of Jordan, offers a little slice of exotic escape in a place that is rich with history. Lying 264 metres below sea level and set like a hidden oasis in amongst towering rock, cliffs and arid landscape, everything about this place defines the luxury Middle East resort and spa experience. Evason Ma’in Hot Springs comprises 94 rooms and suites, plus two elegant Royal Suites and one Honeymoon Suite located on the top floor of the resort providing almost 360 degree views of the waterfall. A stay here is an indulgence, a place to relax and be pampered, all whilst enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the hot spring waterfall. The thermal mineral springs of this area are where Herod the Great was said to have bathed and where people have come for centuries to take the medicinal waters. Naturally, the resort also offers some amazing spa treatments too.
And for the more intrepid souls, there are some fantastic, tailored experiences to chose from, with adventure based activities that take in the local area, to religious and historic tours of Jordan's holy sites, monuments and cities from the era of Romans to Nabateans - many of which have have shaped the world we know today. 
For a truly memorable experience, you can have Evason Ma'in  create a private Hafla Ma'In - in arabic meaning "party" or social gathering - for just you and your love, at one of the many unique locations around the waterfalls and surrounding mountains. Think champagne and gourmet nibbles while watching the sun set over the desert ... intoxicating, mystical, magical. And very, very romantic! 

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