Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taste the delights of 'Little Korea' with Maeve O'Meara

Here's a little something different to do while visiting Sydney! If you're a bit of a foodie and keen to learn more about Korean cuisine and cooking, join forces with local cooking tour specialist Maeve O'Meara for her Korean Gourmet Walking Safaris. You will visit the heart of Little Korea in Eastwood on a guided journey with Maeve and Korean cooking teacher Heather Jeong, enjoying some of the great tastes of Korea through visits to a number of food businesses.  Start with a Korean coffee and cooking demonstration,  then learn the building blocks of this delicious, healthy cuisine, discovering butchers and bakers, fresh produce shops and more. Learn about bulgogi (BBQ beef) and the Korean style of barbecuing which is easy to do at home; banchan – the many vegetable side dishes, delicious sashimi, unusual Korean cakes, even beauty products!  Then finish with a many course lunch at the top restaurant in the area.
The Korean Gourmet Walking Safaris are schedule to run on Saturday 13 August, Saturday 15 October, Saturday 19 November and Saturday 25 June, 2012. Cost for the tour program is $115 per person and bookings can be made via their website.

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