Monday, July 4, 2011

Sono, Portside - contemporary Japanese in Brisbane

Brisbane dining has a lot going for it, as any local will tell you - and if you're in the city and looking for award winning cuisine in a spectacular setting, you might like to check out Sono Restaurant at Portside. Located on the Brisbane River in Hamilton, Sono boasts spectacular views and an atmosphere of refined elegance. Sono Restaurant Portside incorporates the best of authentic Japanese culture and cuisine with modern, contemporary luxuries. Since the venues inception in 2007, it has made a dramatic impact on Australian dining with its exceptional contemporary menu and commitment to Japanese traditions. Head Chef,  Massayuki Naki, trained for 10 years in Japan to perfect the art of cutting Kingfish - he ensures the fish used at Sono is of the highest quality, sourcing the very best, fresh fish from all over Australia, even going as far to flying it in daily, direct from the suppliers. And with that incredible view to accompany your meal (we're thinking romance!), dining at Sono Restaurant Portside is sure to be a experience. 

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