Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream Destination: Castello di Vicarello, Tuscany

A romantic holiday in the countryside of Tuscany, staying at an exclusive luxury converted castle, eating delicious and rustic Italian food all day, every day. Sipping on the finest Chianti. Languid days lounging in the sprawling grounds, on an estate that is steeped in history, and as ancient as it comes. That's what Castello di Vicarello offers the luxury traveller. And it's our 'Dream Destination' this week purely for the longing it gives us to look at these images, and imagine just how sublime a stay here would be! 
Sensitively restored and elegantly decorated, the guest suites at Castello di Vicarello are sophisticated examples of old-world charm meets contemporary chic, with a dash of modern exotic thrown in as testament to the owners travels through Indonesia. Four of the suites are overlooking the castle courtyard and three more occupying the outbuildings, surrounded by verdant gardens of white roses, lavender and olive trees. 
There is a natural spa on the grounds, a wooden raft that floats above the terraced olive groves and where you can retreat to indulge in Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, shiatsu and other pampering treatments. You can have a private yoga lesson, or relax in the sauna or the Turkish bath. Or take a dip in one of two scenically-sited fresh water pools outside. 
At Castello di Vicarello, great emphasis is placed on wine and food. The castle has its own organic olive oil press, and much of the food that is prepared in the kitchens here is also grown on site, cultivated according to traditional methods and following strict organic guidelines (they even have their own published cookbook!). 
Naturally, in such picture perfect and ambient surroundings, Castello di Vicarello specialise in weddings and honeymoons. Sounds a little divine, doesn't it? 

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