Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream Destination: La Banane, St. Barts

So, we have a little love affair going on here for the private retreat La Banane, a stylish and cosmopolitan escape in glamorous St. Barts. It's beyond gorgeous, with nine distinctive, swoon-worthy bungalows that make up one of the island's largest homesteads, nestled as it is in to a lush coconut grove. There's a really cool, retro vibe here. And it's not the manufactured kind either - this place has a rich, storied past. 
La Banane was founded by Parisian music-hall personality Jean-Marie Rivière, who famously entertained celebrities of the day when he was in residence on the island. His first sexy revue called 'La Banane' was performed right here, in this hotel - hence the sexy show piece island in the middle of the pool! And the vintage furnishings are legit too ... each bungalow at La Banane is decked out with genuine collector's items, with many of the pieces of furniture complete with it's own description so that guests can get to know all about the history of the pieces that pull this place in to the exquisite design display that it is. With a confidential address, La Banane is made for privelege. Sexy, chic, and oh-so-hot, we're billing it as  the 'IT' address for a smoldering sojourn on an island that is known as a playground of the rich, the famous, and the fabulous. Check in, and check out the chic set. It's our dream destination this week!

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