Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Experience the Amazon aboard an intimate luxury boat

Now this is the way we would like to experience the majesty and might of the Amazon River! Discover Peru's greatest natural eco system aboard the luxury cruise ships, M/V Aqua and M/V Aria - just imagine lounging on the deck as the sun sets over the waters, or awake at sunrise each morning as the rainforest comes alive and the wildlife greet the morning sun. Viewing the Amazon and its tributaries from aboard the M/V cruise boats transports you to a whole new world, traveling in comfort, deep into the Amazon rainforest and jungle. 
Aqua Expeditions is a specialist travel company, offering their guests a pretty amazing itinerary - every day of your Peruvian luxury cruise experience will be packed with new discoveries as you explore remote places along the Amazon by water and on foot, spot unusual wildlife, and meet with local native people. 
They offer three, four and seven-night Amazon River luxury cruises and they all leave from Iquitos, a bustling town which was once a rich center of the rubber industry. So you can explore as much of the sites of the rest of Peru as you like before stepping off land and in to the luxury of your private cabin aboard one of these majestic boats. Completely throws the whole notion of an Amazon adventure being rough and tough, doesn't it?

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