Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The famous 'Black Truffle' - Bar Tre Scalini, Rome

When in Rome, do as the romans do and stop on by the famous Bar Tre Scalini restaurant, known as the home of the original 'Black Truffle' since 1946. The name refers to the fabled dessert of the Eternal City - and Tre Scalini is THE place to come to savour the delectable tartufo, a mouth watering ball of rich and dense dark chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream. 
This place has a history as rich as the tartufo it serves, too - it was a guesthouse at the beginning of the nineteenth century and has been witness to the highs and lows of the bustling Piazza Navona, on which it can be found overlooking the famous "Fontana Del Quattro Fumi", the 'Four Rivers Fountain' built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.  In the present incarnation as a restaurant, it has gone from being the place to be seen during the 'Dolce Vita' years in the fifties - when actors and actresses of the day could be seen dining at the Bar Tre Scalini tables - to a world famous spot on the visitor's map, thanks to it's not-so-humble, historical 'Black Truffle'! The recipe remains a secret, but be sure to place an order and savour every bite.

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